Want to Gain Body Mass -Dianabol is the Strongest Oral Steroid

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A gain in the body mass is an obvious need of the hour in professional body building and weight lifting area. The professionals of this field have always been in search of a supplement which can give them the results they require. In short they hunted for a miracle supplement.

This quest of professionals ended with a drug that works for every person and gives safe and dramatic results. That supplement is called dianabol which is a completely safe bodybuilding supplement available in the market to gain body mass and a muscular frame.

What is dianabol?

Methendrostenolone or dianabol is the strongest oral steroid and is part of an oral cycle to gain body mass and it is widely used all over the world. It is also known famously by another name as – D-bol. It was developed by a scientist named, John Zeigler. He developed it for Ciba Drug Company and was an alternative to the testosterone hormone. He developed it to increase the performance of the American athletes who were performing very poorly in those days. The administration wanted a safe supplement for them to see improvement in their competitive performance.

At that time, dianabol became an instant hit in the market and literally became the emperor of steroid. It became increasingly successful because of the ease in its usage. Dianabol is available both in oral as well as in inject able form, but it is used more as an oral supplement.

Dosage to take

In the permissible quantity, for the starters it is recommended as 10 mg to 50 mg per day. For heavy trainers, the usage may go as high as 100 mgs per day. But this may cause serious troubles to the body. However, dianabol is the strongest oral steroid, but it has to be supplemented with proper diet and exercising, then only it works effectively. To get the better results, dianabol can also be combined with other steroids which are based on anabol. For example, 50 mg of dianabol can be also be combined with 50 mg of Trenbolone or Mastereon.

Side effects of dianabol

Indeed, Dianabol is the strongest oral steroid. It is very evident from the fact that its usage results in a greater and long lasting impact on muscles even after the cessation of its use. In fact, the body remains muscularly strong for a longer period of time. But, like any other drug, dianabol too has certain after-effects:

  • Its usage results in pumps that are painful. This especially occurs while on weight training but it is a sign of pumping more blood in the muscles.
  • It leaves a harmful effect on the liver of the person using it since a long time. It leads to obstructing the blood purification process of the liver by retaining the damaging substance in the body.
  • Some essential organs of the body may come under stress.
  • When used for a prolonged time, it can also lead to hypertension problems.
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