Things To Remember When Moving Your Small Business To Another Location

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Moving out is already a stressful time for homeowners, but there is even more stress and anxiety involved when small business owners decide to relocate. There are many reasons why a small business chooses to move out: better rent prices, a bigger target market, or just in need of a fresh start in a new place. This decision is one that many small business owners put a lot of thought into.

If you are worried about Commercial moving and storage options being too expensive, here are some tips you can use to ease the burden and expenses during the move:

1. Plan Ahead

Simply packing up your current small business to transfer to a new location isn’t advisable. It takes a lot of planning and coordination with staff members and professional movers to make the move successful and with little mishaps as possible. Create a timeline of how long you want the move to take, include details of what to pack, when to pack, and be sure to label boxes properly to avoid confusion. When packing, start with items you don’t use regularly and work your way to the necessities. This way you can still entertain clients while you’re in the process of relocating.

2. Inform Your Staff Early

If you are planning to bring your staff during the relocation letting them know early about your plans to move is advisable. Some may find the new location too far and inconvenient. By informing them early they get to weigh the pros and cons of joining you at the new location and if they don’t you have lead time to find a replacement.

3. Don’t Bring Everything

Moving can get expensive when you bring every last piece of equipment and inventory you currently have. You can lessen the expenses, burden, and the need for packing by doing a “relocating sale” or something similar. This way you get to clear out your inventory and make money to purchase new inventory for your grand opening at your new location.

4. Get The Word Out

Uprooting your business without telling your loyal customers in advance can lead to you losing business. Put up signs around your current establishment with details about the move. Include the new address, the date of opening, and other details to make it easier for your customers to find you once you’ve left. Do this as early as possible to get as many people informed about the move as possible.

5. Look For Capable And Reliable Movers

Not all moving companies are capable of moving a small business. You need to take extra time to find commercial moving and storing options that offer quality services at affordable rates. By starting your search early you get to plan out a budget that you can stick to and even get discounts to add to your savings.

Finding the right moving company can help you save money and time. Not all movers offer commercial moving rates, be sure to look into companies that have experience with moving out business and not just houses. This will lessen chances of misunderstandings and miscommunications between you and the movers.
Our team at has seen office relocation success and disasters. And the latter is not easy to look at, that’s why it important to always consider the best Commercial moving and storage options.

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