Many people are wondering before reading this that what does Oxandrolone powder taste like? Well we will happily answer that question for you – the taste of oxandrolone powder is the taste of success. It means that once you procure and start cycling a certain dosage of the drug Anavar who’s other name would be oxandrolone, you are surely going to find a good amount success coming your way.

Why? You ask, well the answer is simple, when you start being successful in something the rest of the things start being successful towards you! You will find that on taking this pill you will be able to take in a whole lot more of the stamina and cardio exercises, you can do many more reps of strength and muscle building Not only that the overall physique and endurance factor introduced into the system by the various types of trainings undertaken will leave the athlete or bodybuilder gasping with success.

The overall introduction and endurance once the pills are taken are magnificent. These pills are for Anemia and are thus used for muscle building in the diseases where muscle building is required, whether due to muscle wastage or some other reasons – is a matter of minute details. HIV/AIDS patients use this medication too to grow muscles.

The medicine is able to provide a promotion of muscle growth in the body and a prevention of muscle deaths in the body so as to increase the overall body movement towards bulkier and more powerful frame. The body becomes more potent and more successful.

Stacking and Cycling Oxandrolone Powder

The powder of Oxandrolone can be made into capsules of 10mg each and then can be ingested according to requirements, and as per a trainer’s and physician’s advice. These pills can also be cycled and stacked for added success and better return on investment ratio.

  • Stacking – The pills may be stacked with another pill of congruent temper, that a physician deems fit, and thus lead a pill process wherein the side-effects of the medication are minimised and the negatives of the pill are padded by the positives of the other pill
  • Cycling – The pills may be cycled, this means that the pills may be consumed in such a fashion that the beginning pills are taken, then after sometime they are not taken for an interval and then resumed for ingestion. This is one cycle. Such a process of cycling of the pill will lead to minimisation of harmful effects of the pill and increase in the beneficial effects of the pill.

The Pill Powder from India and China

Beware of cheaper alternatives of this powder that is available for import from India and China. SInce purchasing such a powder requires a whole mass load of trust in the person selling it to you. Once it gets ingested, no one knows what may happen, people may get poisoned at the highest heights of problems or you have landed a good deal at the lowest height of the problems. But the cons far outweigh the pros, thus, the pill powder from the countries should be avoided and a better version that is available from the native country in which you live, that comes with responsibility and accountability, should be taken.


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