Learning how Telomere Length can affect your Future

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It has been discovered by many experts around the world that the length of a telomere has a connection with many health conditions. Through this amazing discovery, telomere length testing has been popular and available for many people to try in order to find out if they are at risk of a serious disease.

This has given a huge breakthrough for many doctors to gain insight in knowing more about a person’s health. It has also helped a lot of patients avoid the risks of getting these dangerous health conditions which are linked to the length of a telomere. If you are planning to take this test, you must be ready and heed any advice given to you by your doctor because it can greatly help your situation.

What is the role of a Telomere?

Telomeres protect the chromosome whenever the cells divide themselves. This means that the chromosomes do not lose genes during this process, but the downside is that the telomeres become shorter until the cell dies because there is nothing to protect it anymore. 

What does knowing a Telomere length got to do with your health?

Well, as mentioned above, knowing the length of your telomere can assess your whole body, whether you have some sort of health condition or not. It is the best way to know your biological age. There are a lot of factors that can affect the length of a telomere. A healthy and proper diet can help in slowing down the shortening or the telomere but poor diet and high levels of stress can cause them to shorten faster.

What does a Short Telomere mean?

Because of a fast shortening of a telomere, your cells will stop replicating and this only means one thing, your cells die. Many cancer patients have been reported to have short telomeres. Measuring your telomere may help the doctor detect if you have cancer. Telomerase is an enzyme which prevents a telomere from shortening making the cell reproduce normally.

Telomerase and Cancer

Experts are now looking for a way to block telomerase activity in a cancer patient’s body because most of the cells in their body are now cancer cells.  If they continue on replicating or multiplying, cancer spreads all over your body. But it’s like chemotherapy because you are also killing or preventing the good cells from being made. However, this can be a major discovery that will help millions of cancer patients worldwide if they could find a way to block telomerase without affecting the good cells. 

Shorter Telomerase, Shorter lives

Short telomeres can somehow be related to how long a person lives. Due to the cells not multiplying and just dying, the good cells also die thus risking the immunity and health of a person in question.

If you ever have taken a telomere measuring test, the results may vary and can possibly be far from what you have expected. This may mean that due to your bad habits, your telomeres have shortened and resulted to a lot of cells dying. Don’t worry though because you can still try many ways to prevent it.

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