Why Should You Get a Military Watch

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When you look at a man’s wrist, his watch is more than a fashion statement. It is more than an accessory. A man’s watch represents what he is or what he wants to be. A glimpse at the watch face and one can have an idea of a man’s financial habits, kind of style, and a social standing.

Gaining popularity of late are military watches. These rugged timepieces have captured the attention of American consumers and wearing one says a lot about your taste. As the name suggests, military watches represent dependability, toughness, and being extraordinary.

If you are checking out military watches, let us tell you why they are awesome:

Military Watches Are Extra Durable

When you think of military, one cannot avoid having the impression of being able to survive the toughest of battles and most extreme environments. Unlike their dress watch counterparts made of glittery metals and precious stones, military watches are crafted using durable materials such as ceramic, leather, diamond-like carbon, among others that give you the impression that they are indestructible.

Perfect Accuracy

Anything designed for the military are engineered to pinpoint precision. In fact, perfect accuracy is the best term to describe it. The military profession depends on tight deadlines and timetables so every second counts. One blink of delay and it can mean trouble or disaster for military personnel or for people they protect. Failure is not an option so you can expect military watches to be crafted from the finest of materials.

Military watches use the finest of quartz to guarantee perfect accuracy even in a very extreme environment.

Robust Design

Military watches are among the toughest timepieces you can get. But this does not mean that they should not look good. While you will see most using discrete colors so they don’t attract attention, they feature the best of rugged designs.

Great Battery Life

If you will get a military watch without a GPS, its battery can last for about a year without the need to replace its battery. Some also come with rechargeable batteries that depend on solar power.

Advanced Features

Military watches are designed to help people survive in unfamiliar environments, if ever it really had to come to that point. Military watches often come equipped with compass, barometer, altimeter, and other useful features aside from the usual date, day, and time. Some also come with advanced tactical features, moon calendar, sunrise and sunset times, and storm alarm.

If you are looking to buy a military watch, you basically have two options. You can either go for a digital or for an analog military watch. If you are not certain which to pick, do your homework and browse for more information so you understand how these timepieces work and what best suits your needs.

Digital military watches are often chunky but that’s because they are built to give you the complete package in terms of functionality.

On the other hand, analog military watches tend to look more sophisticated with their smaller footprint. They may come in either rugged or the more refined look and it’s up to you to pick the style that you like based on the functionalities you are looking for.

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