In an industry with so many options available when it comes to finding a marijuana vaporizer, you may notice yourself feeling rather overwhelmed with choices. For both medicinal and recreational purposes in states where it is legal, there are a number of choices you have to make regarding exactly what you are looking for in vaporizers for weed. If you aren’t sure where to begin, this guide will be helpful in choosing the perfect vape that suits your individual needs.

Step 1: Choose Your Favorite Material

You will want to first think about the way you prefer to use marijuana. Some people stick strictly with the flower of the plant, for which dry herb vaporizers would be ideal. Some users like vaping wax or doing dabs, therefore they need a wax pen or dab pen. Furthermore, other vapers like the option of vaping both dry herbs and concentrates conveniently in one vaporizer. Which one sounds the best to you?

Step 2: Decide Upon a Conduction or Convection Cannabis Vaporizer

With that figured out, it is time to decide what sort of heating element you prefer. It makes a difference which one you choose.

– Conduction vaporizers heat up the material by placing it directly on the source of heat. The heating element is physically in contact with the material you choose, heating it up more quickly and therefore producing vapor much faster. While it is nice to reduce waiting time to inhale your vapor, it sometimes comes at a price. Conduction vaporizers pose a risk of burning the material since it is touching it acutely, especially when it comes to using it as an herbal vaporizer. These vaporizers tend to be less expensive than their counterpart, however, which drives many users to choose one regardless.

– Convection vaporizers are the newer choice in the world of vaping. These vaporizers heat up the air inside of the heating chamber to produce vapor instead of directly heating the source material. This means it does take a bit longer to get the vapor ready, but a convection vaporizer will produce a more even and steady production of vapor which many people find to be most pleasant. They are a bit more expensive than a conduction vape, but you will save money on the material you use, as it is less likely than its counterpart to burn and cause waste. Overall, convection vapes typically give off better vapor quality than conduction vapes.

Step 3: Pick Out the Type

There are three main types of vaporizers. They are:

1. Desktop Vaporizer

With a desktop vaporizer, it is exactly as it sounds. You plug it into a wall for the source of power and set it atop a table or countertop. This type of vaporizer would work well for someone who only plans to vape at home. These efficient vapes give incredible vapor quality and larger clouds as they are bigger than portable ones. Usually more expensive than portable vaporizers, these models are also typically intended for dry herbs only.

Ones to Consider:

Conduction – Vaporite Glow Wax & Dry Herb Vaporizer, Hot Box Vaporizer

Convection – Volcano Vaporizer, Vapor Brothers Dry Herb Vaporizer 

Portable Vaporizer

With a portable vaporizer, you do not need to rely on a plugged in power source. You are free to roam and take it anywhere with you on the go. Portable vapes are much smaller than desktop vapes which also makes them a bit cheaper, too. Portable vaporizers often include products like vape pens and run on a battery. Both dry herbs and concentrates can be used in portables, and some are even available that serve as a hybrid of the two. Portable vapes are a nice option for those who want something they can carry with them anywhere without sacrificing vapor quality.

Ones to Consider:

Conduction – Magic Flight Launch Box

Convection – Firefly, Crafty Vaporizer

Vaporizer Pen

Also known as a vapor pen, a vaporizer pen closely resembles the common electronic cigarette. It is the smallest, most discreet and compact type of vaporizer on the market. Many enjoy its slender design as it affords them a certain privacy of use. However, they are typically meant for convenience and not so much for excellent vapor quality. Vape pens are often chosen by beginners because of they are inexpensive as well as for their ease of use.

A weed vape pen can be used for two purposes: the first is the vaping of the flower of the cannabis plant, known as a dry herb vaporizer. The second allows you to use it as a wax pen or dab pen, it is meant for concentrates and oils.

Ones to Consider:

Conduction – Source Orb, G Pens, Vaporite Sapphire

Convection – Atmos A-Pen 510, Atmos Boss

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